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About Communication

About Communications
This group's main objective is to facilitate a smooth and timely two-way communication flow of information on MKUKUTA to meet the needs of different users groups at all levels. In doing this they oversee the implementation of the MKUKUTA Communication Strategy.

This group plays a vital role in disseminating information from the monitoring system in Kiswahili and English, and in popular understandable ways. They do this in collaboration with other key actors such as the NGO Haki Kazi Catalyst. Posters and leaflets have also been produced, including recent illustrations of District level poverty (English and Kiswahili).

Its membership includes Government, development partners and civil society, and meetings are chaired monthly by the Poverty Eradication Division in the Ministry of Planning, Economy and Empowerment.

Last Updated on Saturday, 28 May 2016 11:42

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