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About Survey and Routine Data

About Surveys & Routine Data

This Technical Working Group is coordinated by Tanzania's National Bureau of Statistics. Its overall objective is to ensure high quality data (both social and economic) is made available in a timely manner for the monitoring system. To do this there are two sub-groups:

1. Survey sub-group: This group provides oversight on national surveys (both social and economic) guided by the national survey calendar.
2. Routine data sub group: This group helps to coordinate and improve the systems of routine administrative data from ministries and local government. The Prime Minister's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government provides the chairperson for this sub-group.

Supporting capacity building of national and local stakeholders in the collection, analysis and use of data is an important part of the work of these sub-groups. Much of this is enhanced through the Tanzania Socio-economic Database (TSED).

Its membership includes Government, development partners and civil society, and meetings are held monthly for each sub-group.


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