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About Research and Analysis

About Research & Analysis

This Technical Working Group coordinates the production of a range of key national analytical reports including:

  • Tanzania's Poverty and Human Development Report (PHDR, every two years)
  • Status Reports on Growth & Poverty Status (for years when the PHDR is not produced)
  • Briefs: Policy & Topical
  • Views of the People Report (2007, 2010)
  • Periodic reports on specific research topics

This group draws from a wide range of data sources and research taking place in Tanzania. One of their key objectives is to support in-country research and analysis, and towards this they also commission research and provide open forums on a wide range of topics.

Their membership includes individuals from Government, research institutions, civil society (including trade unions) and the private sector. Their meetings are weekly and are chaired by the Director of Macro Economy from the Ministry of Planning, Economy and Empowerment. The Secretariat for this group is at REPOA.

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